2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Theme Song “Live it Up” Officially Released On May 25

Nicky Jam, Will Smith and Kosovar artist Era Istrefi have recorded the official song for the forthcoming Russia World Cup theme song “Live it Up” officially released on May 25th. FIFA 2018 will start with some of the biggest stars in the international music world, with official lyrics. This time World Cup is going to be among the most popular players in the world to join Russia. Another exciting collaboration between FIFA and Sony Music has been done.

  • What is the theme song of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia?

As part of the agreement, Will Smith, Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi begin the song ‘Live It Up’, the official song of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ™ produced by DJ and Diplo. 

Next to the finals on July 15, music stars will excite 80,000 spectators in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, this experience will be very emotional. Just about a billion people will be watching them on TV a few minutes before the two finalist teams arrive on the field.

who composed the theme song of FIFA world cup 2018 Russia


Fans will have enough time to remember “live it up”, because this official song will be released on this Friday, May 25 on many streaming platforms.

With the support of viewers, the stadium will resonate with FIFA’s official song. FIFA World Cup Official Music Video will be available as of 7 June.

“This will encourage the players to perform in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it will be an event in itself, in which the world’s viewers will unite and sing this song, and the audience will support with all the participants in the tournament.

  • Who has composed the theme song of FIFA 2018?

Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam and veteran actor-singer Will Smith have teamed up with Era Istrefi to record the official FIFA 2018 World Cup song “Live it Up”.

This global phenomenon brings people around the world to experience joy, enthusiasm and exposure to the audience’s feelings for the tournament. On this track, Diplo, Nicky Jam and Era represent cooperation with harmony, unity in diversity and mutual co-ordination between audience’s emotions.

World famous Grammy Award winner actor, songwriter and artist Will Smith said, at the end of the day, we just want to see world dance.

Diplo said, “I have never made a song for this type of international event. This time, so many stars, highlighting a beautiful feeling towards the game in the audience and connecting all the people of the world together through the game.

world cup russia 2018 | Diplo, Nicky Jam and Will Smith
Will Smith and Nicky Jam World Cup track to ‘drop’ 25th May

Nicky Jam, one of the most popular lyricists and Latin American Grammy Award winners, commented, “It is a lifelong achievement for recording the official song for the FIFA World Cup.

I am very proud and happy, I can say to my grandson that ‘I have made it’, this opportunity does not get all the artists, May feel very lucky that I have this opportunity.”

Rishin pop sensation Era Istrefi said,” Being part of the official song of the 2018 FIFA World Cup has so far been an incredible and exciting experience for me.

Working with prestigious artists like, Diplo, Nicky Jam and Will Smith is my happiness, for whom I am very happy, I am also a big football fan, and this experience has been wonderful and very fun for me.

The official concerts and official  Mascot have become an important component of FIFA, which provides excellent opportunities for football fans to identify the world’s largest single sporting event.

“FIFA and Sony Music have enjoyed successful co-operation over the official concerts over the years. The synergy between football and music encourages the fans’ feelings around the world – this song – world-class worthy of the greatest show on the world screen.

With line-up – a sign of excitement, festivity and unity that people around the world connect together the audience’s emotions during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


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