Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2018: Satish and Rahul give the gold medal to India

For the third consecutive day, India has been successful in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games weightlifting competition. In the women category after Mirabai and Sanjita, Satish Kumar Shivalingam, 77 in men’s category, completed the hat-trick by giving the gold medal to India in Gold Coast on Saturday.

Commonwealth Games 2018:

CWG 2018 Sathish-Sivalingam-wins-third-gold-as-medal-galore-for-India-on-Day-3After this 85kg, Venkat Rahul Ragla gave the country the fourth gold medal in weightlifting. In this way, Saturday’s day proved to be a double success for India. Satish took a total of 317 kg (144 + 173) and gave the country three gold medals and successive success in the Commonwealth Games 2018.

During this time, Satish took the best load of 144 kg in snatch and 173 kg in clean and jerk. He did not need 3rd attempt in clean and jerk, the silver medal in the tournament was named after England’s Jack Oliver, who weighed a total of 312 cork. Australasia Francois made his name for the health bronze medal of 305 kg total weight.

Hard fight with Oliver

Satish was able to lift 136 kilograms in the first attempt of the snatch; in the second attempt, he raised 140 kilograms and in the third attempt, he raised 144 kilograms with the additional weight of 4 kgs. Oliver of England achieved 145 kg weight in the snatch and got the lead from Satish, but he missed out with lifting 148 kgs in his last attempt.

In the clean and jerk, Satish made his domination, he took 169 crores in the first attempt and 173 Kg in the second attempt, due to which he did not need the third attempt.

Satish has also made records in Glasgow

2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games: 328 Kgs (149 + 179), Satish took the gold medal by lifting his weight, then the weight of 149cc raised in his snatch proved to be the record of the Commonwealth Games. On the question of breaking that record, Satish had said that I did not want to select that level because I still need practice.

The truth is that our physios could only go to a limited area, due to which we got some difficulty. I am hoping that physio will be sent with us in the Asian Games. I hope I will do better in the forthcoming games.

India proud of Rahul’s efforts

Day 3 CWG 2018 rahul ragala won the gold

Rahul took the gold medal by lifting 338 kg (151 +187) in 85 kg weight category. He captured the gold medal, leaving Samoa’s Don Opalog (331 kg) behind, and Opalog had to be satisfied with the Silver Medal.

In the first attempt of clean and jerk, Rahul took the weight of 144 kg and 147 kg and Opelog. In the second attempt, Rahul raised 187 kg, while you failed in the second attempt, although both of them failed the last attempt of 191 Kg, and on the basis of Best of Three, Rajul won with 187 kg of the second effort.

Rahul is also the Commonwealth Champion, he had won the gold medal last year with 351 kg, Rahul’s father R. Madhu has also been a national weightlifter.

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