Where is the money coming from? And how will FIFA benefit?

FIFA president Giani Infantino told members of the ruling council of the organization during a meeting in Colombia shortly before that, investors in Asia, Europe and North America were promising to invest $ 25 billion in revenues, if they Are involved in the creation of new tournaments.

Fifa 2018 News updates Infantino
FIFA president Giani Infantino
  • It is reported in the interaction with the reporters that there is no Chinese investor nor there is no direct link to business interests in Saudi Arabia.
  • According to the rules, a new company will be formed between FIFA and investors. FIFA will hold 51% stake and overall control will be maintained on important decisions, including the nature of the game. FIFA will also have the right to appoint half-board members.
Fifa is planning to hold a special meeting next month at which two lucrative tournaments could be given the go-ahead.
  • Giani Infantino has described investors as “Among the world’s most solid”. Due to a non-disclosure agreement signed between the relevant parties, their identity remains unknown. It has been claimed, the minimum guarantee that will be for a period of 12 years (2021-2033) will be 25 billion dollars in revenues.
  • The club league will account for a total of $ 13 billion (£ 9.3 billion) of the League of Nations, with the Club World Cup generating $ 12bn (£ 8.6bn). The new company will earn money by commercializing the tournament’s rights.
  • Some Club World Cup money will also be shared with national leagues, non-participating clubs, and also support costs for youth and women tournaments.
  • FIFA also is not promising to benefit itself from the tournament, but it will distribute it to the football organizations and regional associations after the cost, cost, whatever the profits will be.
What else is being promised?
  • Internal documents detail plans to “distribute and commercialise” digital content and form part of Fifa’s overall plan to enhance its digital offering to fans.
  • The consortium of investors is also promising $1bn (£700m) to develop Fifa’s digital platform.
  • Fifa would then be able to finalise a deal with the investors but says the finer points would still need to be ironed out.
How would the money be split?
  • There are four editions under consideration (2021, 2025, 2029, 2033). Each comes with a minimum financial guarantee of $3bn (£2.15bn).
Where would it be played?
  • That is still to be decided.
  • But Fifa wants what it calls the “host market” to have a “strong appetite for football”. In addition, there must be strong commercial potential, growth potential for clubs, Fifa and “football generally”. Infrastructure will also be key and Fifa has not ruled out that the hosts will have to pay a fee.


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