Paolo Guerrero Cleared To Play At World Cup For Peru After Doping Ban Frozen

After the Swiss tribunal ruled on his drug ban, Peru captain Paolo Guerrero can play in this summer’s World Cup. On Thursday, the mediator agreed to temporarily remove the 14-month suspension imposed by the court, while it was considered as a 34-year-old striker’s appeal.

Captains from Peru, Group C rivals Australia, Denmark and France wrote to FIFA to ask them to abolish the ban. Guerrero was tested for the prohibited substance (cocaine) in October that was positive.

The sample was taken after Peru’s World Cup qualifier against Argentina and, after initially being proved guilty, Paolo Guerrero was banned for 12 months by FIFA.

Swiss Supreme Court Clears Peru Captain To Play In Russia 

The suspension was lifted by the FIFA appeals committee, but the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) appealed to CAS and two weeks after the six-month ban in May, they extended it to 14 months.

FIFA-WC-2018-Paolo Guerrero image news photo
Paolo Guerrero cleared to play at World Cup for Peru after doping ban

A Swiss tribunal now ruled that the extension was “Unjustified” and was “temporarily deprived of influence” except Guerrero to play in Russia.

Guerrero thanked those who supported their cause and expressed relief that “Unjustified Sanction” has been removed, it is called “at least partial justice”.

Peru’s captain said, “Each of my colleagues has given me the necessary strength to emerge for this difficult moment, but this does not surprise me, because people of a family behave like this and this is what we are.”

“My eternal gratitude for my country, for millions of sects who have been united with me thousands of different ways, with a common denomination of great affection.

“I invite you to stay together … as a Peruvian, we can achieve anything that looks impossible.”

“I promise to give my best efforts to give my country new and more happiness. There is no limit. There are no other impossible dreams because it has been shown that when Peruvian joins us, then everything is possible.”

Peru won a playoff in November against New Zealand in order to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1982.


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