Players who have won the “Golden Boot Title” in FIFA World Cup

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are also some players who have brought this game to the heights of the sky. Today, we are going to talk about some amazing players who have won the Golden Boot titles in the last few World Cups.

From – Paolo Rossi (Italy),  James Rodriguez to Ronaldo, The World Cup Golden Boot has won some of the best players to play.

Players who have won the “Golden Boot Title” since 1982 to 2014 in FIFA World Cup

2014 – James Rodriguez (Colombia) – 6 goals

james rodriguez colombia

Rodriguez scored three times during the group stages against Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan, before that he had twice aggressively scored against Uruguay. After chasing the ball, his first 25 yards away was a beautiful volley. However, during the quarter-finals against Brazil, he had converted a penalty into the goal, but after the goal by Thiago Silva, and David Luiz, their team would have lost by 2-1.

2010 – Thomas Muller (Germany), Diego Forlan (Uruguay), David Villa (Spain), Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands) – 5 goals

Thomas Muller 2018 Winner

These four men won the 2010 World Cup semi-finals with their respective countries, with David Villa and Spain finally winning the tournament in extra time against the Netherlands. The eventual champion, Spain, beat Germany in the semifinals (1-0). Spain defeated Netherlands 1-0 to lift the World Cup. Germany’s Thomas Muller won the award but despite his five goals, Germany finished third.

2006 – Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 5 goals

The most spectacular World Cup round-scorer secured the top spot with five goals in 2006. He scored twice against Costa Rica and Ecuador during group stages and then scored a goal against Argentina during the quarter-finals. But despite having scored such goals and being the Golden Boot title winner, Germany’s journey ended in third place.

2002 – Ronaldo (Brazil) – 8 Goals

RONALDO-KESAVAN fifa Golden Boot winner

One of the finest strikers ever showed his class, and put the 1998 demons to bed, in Japan and South Korea at the 2002 World Cup. Brazil’s Ronaldo won the gold shoe to score 8 goals in the tournament. It was actually Ronaldo’s World Cup, because he scored both goals in the final, in which Brazil defeated Germany to win the title, and this performance cemented Ronaldo’s place as one of the greatest people of all time.

1998 – Davor Suker (Croatia) – 6 Goals

In 1998, during the group stages, the Croatian striker scored twice, once against Jamaica, and the other against Japan. He then scored in Romanian, Germany, France and finally the Netherlands in the third-place playoff game. Croatia finished third, while France defeated Brazil to lift the World Cup.

1994 – Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria), Oleg Salenko (Russia) – 6 Goals

Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria), world cup Golden Boot winner

This year, the Golden Shoe was shared by two: Russia’s Oleg Salenko and Bulgaria’s Hristo Stoichkov. Selenko had surprised the audience by scoring five goals in a single match, which led to Russia’s 6-1 victory over Cameron during the group stage. Bulgaria did though, with Stoichkov scoring three during the group stage. Hristo Stoichkov’s heroics helped Bulgaria finish fourth in the World Cup.  Despite Oleg Salenko’s heroics, Russia did not qualify for the knock-out stage. Brazil defeated Italy to lift the World Cup.

1990 – Salvatore Schillaci (Italy) – 6 goals

The Golden Shoe was won by the Italian forward Salvatore Schillaci for scoring 6 goals in the tournament. Schillachi was unknown before the tournament, having only started one game for Italy. It was going to change soon because he came on the field as a substitute against Austria and made the team a winner with his amazing skills.  Argentina defeated Italy in the semifinals in a penalty shoot-out (5-4). Italy beat England in the third-place match. Germany defeated Argentina in the finals.

1986 – Gary Lineker (England) – 6 Goals

1986 Gary Lineker (England) – 6 Goals Golden boot winner

England’s Gary Lineker won the award for his consistent performance scoring 6 goals in the World Cup 1986. After the staggering start in the tournament, England had to be disappointed by losing from Portugal, draw with Morocco, Eventually, Lion came in life after making a hat-trick of Gary Lineker against Poland. During the 16th round, he scored twice against Paraguay and against Argentina once. Remember the ‘Hand of God’ goal from Diego Maradona during the match against England? Argentina won the World Cup.

1982 – Paolo Rossi (Italy) – 6 Goals

Italy’s Paolo Rossi was awarded the first Golden Shoe award. He scored 6 goals in the World Cup. His good work brought the title to Italy. Italy struggled during the first group stage of the 1982 tournament with three draws against Poland, Peru and Cameroon. However, he came alive in the second round, as Rossi scored a hat-trick against Brazil. After that, he scored twice against Poland in the semifinals, and then in the final against Germany.

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