Gururaja Wins India’s First Medal With Weightlifting Silver

Meet Gururaja, Commonwealth Games 2018 medallist:

Male weightlifter P Gururaja achieved the first medal for India by winning the silver. Upon debut in the Commonwealth Games in Men’s 56 Kg Weight category, Guru Guruji performed his best and lifted the weight of 249 kg (111 + 138 kg) and won the silver medal.

In this category, Mohammad Azhar, the three-time champion of Malasia, took the gold medal by creating a record of Commonwealth Games by filling (117 + 144 kg). On the other hand, Lakmal Chaturanga of Sri Lanka won (114 + 134 kg) and won the bronze medal.

GURURAJA- Silver medal winner
Weightlifting Winners

P Gururaja, son of a truck driver of Karnataka, was the first wrestler, but now he is trying his hand in weightlifting. After winning the medal, Gururaja said that I am very happy and excited by opening the medals for India in the Commonwealth Games, Gururaja was very weak in the early days of his career, remember that time he said in 2010 that when I first I began to practice in the month and I was very disappointed because at that time one rod could not even be raised. That rod was too heavy for me at that time.

The 25-year-old Gururaja recovered 249 kg, replaying the best performance, Gururaja was third in the snatch but because of his brilliant performance, he took second place.

CWG 2018 Gururaja
CWG 2018: Gururaja

Talking to the reporters, Gururaja said, “When I failed in the first two attempts, my coach reminded me how much my life depends on it, after that, I remembered my family and country and that’s my idea. Continued my motivation. Today my father will be very happy with this achievement.”

Although Gururaja, living in Udupi district of Karnataka, was about to become a wrestler. He also played the state star against wrestling and won. Sushil Kumar has been his role model, he took admission as a wrestler even as a sports hostel, but there was no coach of wrestling, he started running in the race for 5000. After this there the White Lifting coach advised that he would come to them. After that, the coach increased his weight and gave training to weightlift, thanks to which he illuminated the name of India today.

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